Secrets and Lies

Secrets & Lies 2014 Cover-FullSecrets and Lies is the first in the Detective Jill Brennan Series and is set in Sydney, Australia. The books follow the seasons and the lives of DI Nick Rimis and SC Jill Brennan. Secrets and Lies is set in autumn.

Here is an extract:

‘Excuse me, William, the police are here to see you,’ Anita led the two officers into his office and closed the door behind her on her way out. If William Phillips was surprised, he didn’t show it. He stood and pushed his chair back from his desk. They were both fresh-faced kids and looked as if they had just graduated from the Academy. William imagined they would be more at home by a roadside in the middle of the night attending a crash scene, than standing here in his plush office with the antique carpets on the floor and expensive art work on the walls. He noticed the female officer looking at the Joan Miro painting hanging on the wall behind him. She was obviously drawing her own conclusions as to the type of person he was…’


6 Responses to Secrets and Lies

  1. Just finished “Secrets and Lies” and I thouroughly enjoyed it, a great read because of your style which never gets boring or lost in stereotypes. Looking forward to reading more!

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  2. Great title and I like your cover. Appears very interesting.


  3. gina amos says:

    Hey, thanks for the feedback… What do I call you BTW? Monkey Man? Gorgeous Gorilla? I can’t call you lonely author..It’s too sad.


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