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a rather unfortunate accident…..

Originally posted on Graveyards of Scotland:
But what if it wasn’t?? This is the story of Donald Robertson who died at the age of 63 and was put to rest at Cross Kirk Cemetery in Eshaness on Shetland. So far…

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death’s orchard

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Originally posted on Graveyards of Scotland:
St. Mary’s Chapel  yard in Inverness, an ancient burial ground right in the heart of the Highland’s capital, is but rarely visited, being somehow hidden behind high walls. Chapel Yard is one of three…

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Tucked away between two imposing buildings in Pitt Street in up-town Sydney is the The Sydney Mechanics School of Arts (SMSA).  I doubt many Sydney-siders even know this little gem of a place exists. But before you jump to the conclusion … Continue reading

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Self-publishing has grown over the past decade, even high-profile authors such as Stephen King, are now choosing to publish some of their work themselves. A report last year by self-publishing champion Hugh Howey, showed self-published authors are now earning nearly 40% … Continue reading

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Getting Rid Of A Body Isn’t Easy

Originally posted on The Crime Fiction Writer's Blog:
Killers often think that disposing of a corpse is easy. And important. If there is no body surely they can’t be charged with murder. Right? Fortunately, they’re wrong on both counts.…

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Badass In Heels – Nerve Strikes

Originally posted on Crime Fiction Writer Sue Coletta:
As a crime writer I often write my main character into and out of deadly traps. How I do that is to make her powerful. Incidentally, these techniques can be used for…

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Photo supplied by Geoscience Australia. Yesterday afternoon I was at my writing desk in my house on the Gold Coast when I literally felt the earth move. My computer monitor shook and the house trembled. It was only for a … Continue reading

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You might be surprised to learn a blue moon really does happen once in a blue moon. You should head out tomorrow night, (Friday, 31 July AEST) and catch this rare event. In case you miss it tomorrow night, the … Continue reading

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Why We Kill

Originally posted on Ladies of Mystery:
by Janis Patterson It is not, as some of my friends have said, because I am an old grump who wants to do away with everyone who annoys me. Not all the time, at…

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Do You ever Wonder about Your Own Death?

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