3D Asylum

ASYLUM is the third novel in the Detective Jill Brennan series. It is set in Sydney, Australia during winter.

When a body is found in the grounds of a disused 19th century lunatic asylum all the evidence points to suicide but Detective Jill Brennan isn’t convinced.

Asylum is a story about how an attempt to put past injustices right, went terribly wrong.


‘Jill sighed and threw her pen on the desk.

‘What’s up Brennan?’ Luke said. ‘You look beat.’

Jill didn’t realise her lack of sleep showed. ‘Got a few things on my mind, Luke.’ She looked at her phone messages.

‘It’s not Robbie Calloway is it?’

She shot him a look. ‘Mind your business.’

‘If it is Calloway, a word of advice.’

‘I don’t need your advice, Luke.’ Jill was still mad at him because of the business with Rimis and the gym.

‘Well, like it or not I’m going to give it to you anyway. My gut says this is political. Land grabs, developers, and shady politicians, that sort of thing. Everyone knows how valuable Callan Park is as a re-development site.’


 4 stars Suspense and Intrigue. 18 December 2015
By Dianne – Published on
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A well-crafted and intriguing page turner from Gina Amos. Book 3 in her crime series featuring Detective Jill Brennan is written with flair in an authentic and realistic prose interspersed with delightful and colourful turns of phrase. The developing emotional entanglements of the main characters add another level of tension as the reader approaches the final and unexpected resolution. Don’t miss this one!
 5 stars Intriguing Page-Turner of a Police Procedural 9 March 2016
By Edie – Published on
Asylum, by Gina Amos, is the third book in the Detective Jill Brennan Series following Secrets and Lies, and Killing Sunday. This is a solid series that keeps getting better with each new offering. Asylum is a page-turner that will keep readers glued to the story. Her characters are well-developed and true to life, especially the emotions associated with the each person who has a stake in finding the truth as to what happened to the victim. Unexpected twists and turns will keep readers off-guard, but part of the fun is guessing who the bad guys or gals are. The author also includes true to life emotional scenes as characters interact with one another in current relationships or new people enter into their lives. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a good mystery/thriller.

This review is based on a complimentary copy of the book provided by the publisher.

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