Getting Rid Of A Body Isn’t Easy

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Killers often think that disposing of a corpse is easy. And important. If there is no body surely they can’t be charged with murder. Right? Fortunately, they’re wrong on both counts.

A case in point: 23 year-old French art history student Eva Bourseau.


Seems that three of her classmates killed her over a dispute about a drug debt. Drug debts are never good things.

So okay, now they have a body. What are the going to do about it? As good students of Breaking Bad, they decided to dissolve the corpse in acid. At least they did use plastic rather than a metal tub, as, yes, acid loves to eat up metal.


But they also discovered that acid doesn’t always do the trick. Jeffrey Dahmer discovered the same thing.


Hell, even Dexter tried it.


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  1. Erik says:

    Is it frightening that this post on dissolving bodies in acid makes me laugh?

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