Badass In Heels – Nerve Strikes

Crime Fiction Writer Sue Coletta

As a crime writer I often write my main character into and out of deadly traps. How I do that is to make her powerful. Incidentally, these techniques can be used for everyday women like you and me, too, should we find ourselves in a dangerous situation.

This post is geared toward the more petite woman, because often times they feel like they can’t defend themselves due to their size. Not true. For instance, I only stand five foot two, on a good day. A pipsqueak, as my husband would say. However, he also knows I could kill him 50 different ways. Don’t know what I mean? See my post and grab your free copy of 50 Ways to Murder Your Fictional Characters.

Let’s get started.

Your character’s elbows, knees and head are the bony parts of her body and, therefore, built-in weapons. Regardless of size, have her leverage…

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  1. Sue Coletta says:

    Thanks, Gina!

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    Found this very useful Sue


  3. Thanks for passing along some great tips!

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  4. Damyanti says:

    I need to share this with all my girlfriends.

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