The earthquake struck off Queensland's Sunshine Coast

Photo supplied by Geoscience Australia.

Yesterday afternoon I was at my writing desk in my house on the Gold Coast when I literally felt the earth move. My computer monitor shook and the house trembled. It was only for a split second so I wondered if I had imagined it.

But it was not my imagination. It was an earthquake. Residents across south-east Queensland were rattled by the magnitude 5.3 earthquake.

Geoscience Australia said the earthquake epicentre was offshore from eastern Queensland, 100 kilometres off Fraser Island in the Coral Sea, at a depth of 30 kilometres.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported that there is no tsunami threat to Australia. Well, that’s a relief my house is only 2.5 km from the coast.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake?


Kurrawa Beach
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  1. Unfurling says:

    Beautiful picture Gina!
    Where was I when the earth moved?! On the phone to some government organisation which always manages to shift the ground from beneath me. Now for a tsunami of paperwork!

    Sorry. Off topic a bit there.

    Now if you talk about a story ‘quake’ and subsequent tsunami of words I promise I’ll hang on every one of them.

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  2. Erik says:

    Yes, I have experienced an earthquake twice so far, which is saying something if you know anything about Boston or the East Coast of the USA.

    Once, I was driving, and it felt like I ran a flat tire for about 5 seconds. I later found out it was an earthquake felt around New England.

    More recently, I was also at my writing desk (as fate would have it), and the whole apartment (flat) – which was on the third floor &ndash began to shake as if it were leaning against a giant clothes dryer with an unbalanced load. Like you, I thought maybe I’d imagined it, or that a very large truck had gone by out front. But about 10 seconds later, it came again, even stronger. My water glass stuttered across the desk and a picture fell off the piano. I literally grabbed my computer, my hard drive and my emergency bag (yes, I have one, which contains all of my important documents, letters, pictures, etc.) and headed out the door. I thought it was “The Biggie” that doomsayers have been ranting about since I can remember. Turns out the epicenter was two states away, in central Maine – about 270 miles (435 km) away!

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