You might be surprised to learn a blue moon really does happen once in a blue moon. You should head out tomorrow night, (Friday, 31 July AEST) and catch this rare event. In case you miss it tomorrow night, the next blue moon is expected to appear in 2018

The phrase, ‘once in a blue moon,’ has been around for nearly 500 years. First recorded in 1528 the phrase was meant to mean, never. It was like saying ‘pigs might fly.’ It wasn’t until 1821 the meaning  changed to ‘rarely.’

With the talk of blue moons,  I thought I would spend some time today thinking about what it is that I keep putting off. Mmmm? Not that easy. I’m the type of person who if something needs doing, I jump into the abyss and just do it.

Ha! Got it. Flossing!! It’s something I know I should do regularly, but I only think to do it, ‘once in a blue moon.’

So, tomorrow night before I go to bed I’m going to floss my teeth. I don’t want you to think my dental hygiene is lacking-I brush regularly, I still have all my teeth and according to Dr Hilary they are in good condition. Dr Hilary-I’m going to make you proud!’

What have you been putting off since the last blue moon? It may be finishing that manuscript you’ve been working on for the past ten years or knitting the last rows of the jumper you started two many winters ago to remember who you were knitting it for.

Just think, if you start tomorrow night, imagine what you can achieve by 2018!

I’d love you to share with me what you do ‘once in a blue moon.’

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3 Responses to ONCE IN A BLUE MOON

  1. Unfurling says:

    I remember this saying from my childhood. There are an increasing number of things these days that only happen once in a blue moon. Thankfully, writing is not one of them. Thanks for the interesting post Gina.

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  2. Erik says:

    I’m so glad I chose today to dive into your blog, Gina; otherwise, I would not have been on the lookout for that blue moon tomorrow night (because I wouldn’t have known it was due at all). So I’ll start by saying that I have quite literally thought about the reality of a blue moon less than once in a blue moon – or, rather, in the original sense of the word. But starting today, this fact is forever changed (as I trust your goals of brushing up on your flossing habits will also be – pun intended).

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  3. gina amos says:

    I think the idea of pinning a photo of a blue moon to my cork board could be a source of inspiration. A reminder to do the things you enjoy more often.

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