FullSizeRenderA perfect day. I read recently, winter is the ideal season for writing. I couldn’t agree more. It’s cold and gloomy outside but in my office it’s cosy and quiet apart from the low rumble of the printer in the background. This morning I’ve been trying to scratch out a sub-plot for the novel I’m writing about a murder in a disused 19th century lunatic asylum.

Why am I taking photos of my desk? Why am I not writing?  Good question. I think I need a coffee!

I have tried many places to write but I always return to this room. When my adult daughter left the nest, I tried turning her bedroom into a library and writing room. It didn’t work. I feel more comfortable in this space. When the door is open I can roll back in my chair and take in the view of the river that runs along the front of our house. In the mornings when I am daydreaming, I study the light and clouds and know I have a full day of writing ahead of me. At dusk when I catch a glimpse of the sunset I know it’s time to prepare dinner.

Do you have a dedicated writing space? And what do you think this photo tells you about me? I’m curious to know your thoughts.

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5 Responses to WHERE I WRITE

  1. I do have a dedicated space, and like yours, it’s accessible to nature. I find that calming and inspiring. It seems to sweep away a lot of brain-clutter and make space for the muse.

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  2. Gail Rehbein says:

    I agree Gina, cooler weather does feel like a more creative season for me too.

    My writing space has a beautiful gum tree to view and a lot of sky to peer into. Yet sometimes, I nestle into a cafe and beaver away quite productively. The background hum of people chatting and eating is stimulating.

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  3. lbeth1950 says:

    Oh yes, faces east. Gets morning sun. Nobody else comes in.

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  4. Unfurling says:

    Your space sounds like a good fit for you Gina. I think that’s the important thing; we each have different needs, different moods which are nurtured by using different spaces. My home space looks over my tiny courtyard garden. I can glance up and see the seasons expressed here, albeit in a subtle way given our sub tropical climate. But I can also see a metaphorical journey here, the progress in my garden reflecting my own.

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  5. gina amos says:

    Beautifully put!

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