Unknown Yesterday I attended a six-hour crime writing workshop at the New South Wales Writers Centre with Barry Maitland, a Scottish born, Australian author of crime fiction. Barry’s first crime novel was the Marx Sisters, published in 1994. Since then he has written eleven books with the same two central characters, DCI David Brock and DI Kathy Kolla.

I was surprised to discover when I started my writing journey that writers are gracious, friendly people. As a group we are willing to share ideas, knowledge and experiences. I scored the ‘lucky’ chair yesterday at the Writers Centre. Seated next to me was Kerry, an ex-police officer who shared her email address with me.

Writing by its very nature is a solitary pursuit. I often imagine myself on a road when I am in my writing world. Have you read or seen the movie, The Road by Cormac McCarthy? I believe as writers, we are all travelling the same lonely road heading towards our goal of publication and readership. Some are out in front while others trail behind, some are joyous, some frustrated, while others give up and fall by the wayside. Some are on the road because of necessity, others, to make sense of the world. Why are you on the road?

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3 Responses to WHY ARE YOU ON THE ROAD?

  1. libbycole007 says:

    It’s funny isn’t it, for being such a solitary pursuit I find other writers are often very sociable and helpful. For me it feels like I have ideas I want to get out, and locking myself away is the only way to do it. But I socialise every chance I get!


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  2. Sue Coletta says:

    The road has changed course for me, I’m thrilled to say. Keeping with your simile, we might finally make it to the top of a steep hill, or swerve to miss a roadblock. The finish line, however, keeps moving further away as our goals change. Which is partly what’s so wonderful about this whole writing gig, IMO. Whatever your dream there are always others watching your back, cheering you on, jogging alongside. The writing community rocks!

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