How to Keep Writing From Weighing Your Life Down

Thanks for this post, Drew. Good advice reminding me I have to get up from my writing desk and out of my comfort zone and go and do stuff. I admire Tara Moss, an Australian crime writer, who has done what you have suggested. She has undertaken a Private Investigator course and engaged in all manner of risk taking pursuits to expand her life experience in order to bring realism to her writing.

Drew Chial

1. DraggingI’ve bloggedat length about how a writer’s life experience can improve their fiction, but I haven’t written on how the reverse is true, how fantasy can improve a writer’s reality. If the responsibility of writing weighs you down use it as an excuse to go outside and do something.

A Life Worth Commenting On

In screenwriting class our professor had us keep a journal, a place to document our fears. It was not a diary. It was a tool for scene building, a method for adding authenticity to atmospheric descriptions. We were to venture into unknown territory and write about it, to find a place that put us on edge, where the adrenaline heightened our senses, so we could chronicle everything we felt.

Turns out a lesbian bar wasn’t that far outside of my comfort zone, not because I was leering at the ladies, but because they seemed fine…

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