When Gina Met Harry

UnknownWell, I didn’t really meet LAPD detective Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch but I did manage to get up close and personal to his creator, Michael Connelly. Michael Connelly is the bestselling author of 27 novels and one work of non-fiction. He is right up there as one of the world’s most successful writers.

Sydney is buzzing this month. It is Sydney Writers Festival time again. Last Thursday afternoon I entered the Roslyn Packer Theatre at Walsh Bay with front row tickets in my hot, little hand. I met up with two of my crime-writing buddies and for one hour I listened to a conversation between Michael Connelly and  Australian Crime Writer, Michael Robotham.

When Connelly was asked what was his initial motivation to writing crime, he replied without hesitation. ‘NEGATIVE MOTIVATION.’ When he was a crime reporter with the Los Angeles Times, his editor told him he could not write. With more than 58 million copies of his books sold worldwide, I think he has proven him wrong.

As writers, we are all filled with self-doubt about our writing abilities. I believe it takes a certain personality type and strength of character to complete a manuscript. My mother  told me I had to finish what I started, even if it was difficult or I didn’t like what I was doing. ‘See it through to the end,’ she harped. It was good motherly advice. What sets most of us apart from each other is those who choose to believe what negative people tell us. So to Mrs Hawkins, my sixth grade teacher, wherever you are, I say this. ‘You were wrong when you told me I would never amount to anything. I have proven you wrong many times over.’

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4 Responses to When Gina Met Harry

  1. Sue Coletta says:

    You’re so lucky! No one ever comes to northern NH. Not much to see around here besides woods, bears, moose and cows, I’m afraid. Why didn’t you introduce yourself? I hear he’s a sweetheart and very approachable.

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  2. gina amos says:

    Woods, bears and moose sound nice! I suppose I should have introduced myself but he had enough fans to contend with without Gina Amos falling at his feet but I did imagine myself stuck in a lift with him for an hour with a pen and my latest manuscript. LOL!!!


  3. Gail Rehbein says:

    Great advice Gina’s Mum! 🙂

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  4. gina amos says:

    One should always listen to one’s mother😌


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