I Walk In Their Shoes


I am at my Gold Coast home for a few weeks enjoying a break from the busyness of Sydney. The Gold Coast is a metropolitan region south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. It is renown for its long sandy beaches, surfing and its system of inland canals and waterways.

I was out on my morning walk and couldn’t resist taking this photo. As a crime writer, I often become so absorbed with the sinister world I am creating for my characters I forget there is quite a different world waiting for me outside.

When writer’s block strikes I head for the beach and take my characters with me. I walk in their shoes – it helps me get inside their heads. I imagine them interacting with each other and quite often they give me direction.

How well do you know your characters?

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6 Responses to I Walk In Their Shoes

  1. Gail Rehbein says:

    Beautiful photo! And I like the idea of taking a walk with your characters…and imagining yourself in their shoes. It would make them more real – and interesting.


  2. Sue Coletta says:

    Totally agree! Especially for crime writers, like you pointed out, breaks are important. Recently, I took up walking. Every day no matter how busy I am I force myself to take a walk and clear my head. What I’ve found is my creativity skyrockets, I problem solve, discover the perfect hook, midpoint, resolution, whatever I’m stuck on. Or sometimes I discover a whole new direction to take the story. I feel guilty about the time away from my computer, but this too shall pass. Love your photo! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. Someday, eh?


  3. Beautiful picture and what a great idea to take a walk in your character’s shoes. I haven’t tried that. My WIP takes place in a local mansion. I was able to take a behind the scenes tour and felt as though I was walking through my book. I could see the scenes playing out in the space. For a fantasy writer, that’s a rare opportunity.


  4. gina amos says:

    That must have been a powerful feeling when you were walking around in the mansion. It’s amazing how the characters you create take on a life of their own.


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