More about ‘Secrets and Lies’

journal_leaves_autumnWhat a glorious day it is today. I am sitting at my writing desk, looking out the window. The sun is shining and a crisp autumn breeze is blowing across the Lane Cove River whipping up miniature white caps. Autumn in Sydney – my favourite time of year.

Flashback to Autumn 2010. The inspiration for ‘Secrets and Lies’ came from a much earlier experience-an elderly neighbour who died alone in her home, her decomposing body discovered a week later.

‘It was autumn, the season of change. The sun was shining but a distinct chill permeated the air. The deciduous trees put on a colourful display and the russet and mustard coloured leaves formed a backdrop to what was normally an average suburban street. Over time, the trees would be stripped bare, the streetscape would change and the leaves would clog the gutters and block the drains. They would become a nuisance, an inconvenience.’ (extract from Secrets and Lies)

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