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To Describe or Not to Describe, that is the Question

The location for my crime novels is very important to me,  so too, the description of the crime scene because it is here the truth about the murder is played out. Sydney is also where my fictional characters live. Jill … Continue reading

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The third novel in the Detective Jill Brennan series, ‘Asylum,’ (coming soon) is set in the grounds of Callan Park, in Rozelle, an inner-west suburb of Sydney. I knew from the moment I walked through the imposing iron gates that there … Continue reading

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when it was march

Originally posted on rachel eats:
We live three floors above a Bar. A Bar in the Italian sense of the word, so a place with a bar at which you stand to drink coffee, or juice, or a fluorescent aperitivo.…

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Writing Sucks

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
I am trying to write a novel and it sucks. It sucks for all the reasons I’d expected: the weeks and weeks of writer’s block, the stilted clichés that sneak out the moment you’re not vigilant enough,…

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Ask The Doctor…

When I was writing ‘Killing Sunday,’ I came across an interesting crime writer’s resource and filed it away for future reference.  When I was troubled by a particular crime scene I was planning to write,  I remembered ‘The Doctor’. His expert advice … Continue reading

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Michael Connelly, author of The Detective Harry Bosch Series and The Mickey Haller Series, answers Ten Terrifying Questions

I’ve bought tickets to see Michael Connelly at the upcoming Sydney Writers Festival so I was interested to read this interview.

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On the Crime Trail

Last week I boarded a Sydney Harbour ferry bound for Circular Quay. The area west of the Quay is known as ‘The Rocks’, Sydney’s historical precinct. If you are familiar with Sydney’s tourist hot spots you may imagine that on a fine autumn … Continue reading

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What Bones Can Tell Us: An Interview with Forensic Anthropologist Marilyn London

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Search and rescue

Originally posted on candidkay:
My mother, when she was dying, said to me, “There are no wrong answers, Kris.” She was speaking from the vantage point of someone who has nothing left to lose. Someone with the luxury of looking…

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The Artful Dodgers

Orange Lavender Bay Big Blue Lavender Bay I smiled when author Sean B Fraser showed me a newspaper article over a meal of fish and chips at the Great Northern Hotel last night. I read, art conservator Mohamed Aman Siddique and art … Continue reading

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